Nova is a studio for women, non-binary and lgbtq+ only! 💙

We know there is a great need for a safe space to hang out and grow with likeminded people. Maybe even more so for pole, which can be experienced as an intimate sport due to it being practiced in very little clothes. We do not, in any way, think pole is for a certain gender but very much for everyone. Stockholm offers a great deal of amazing pole studios who do a great job welcoming all people and therefore we see the room for two of those studios being specifically open to women, non-binary and lgbtq+ only. 💙

Starting January, Nova is open to lgbtq+ as well as women and non-binary! 💙 We see the need for a safe space that includes all groups within the lgbtq+ community. If you identify yourself in some way within the lgbtq+ community you can find your place at Nova.

If you don’t find your place with us we encourage you to check out one of the many amazing studios Stockholm has to offer instead! 💙 Lots of hugs to you all!