Welcome to Nova! 💙 We hope that you will have a blast here with us and that you will want to be a part of our community and continue build up the positive atmosphere that has become our hallmark! We are kind to one another, and are proactive in creating a happy place where everybody feels welcome and included. ❤️

Cancellation and switching courses

You always have 14 days to change your mind after you book a course. After 14 days, the course if non-refundable since we have reserved a spot in the class just for you. However you can change your registration to another class or make up for any classes you've missed on another day, as long as there are open spots! 🌟 Cancellation or course switches is made to info@novapole.se.

If you can't continue the course due to illness, injury or some other reason and you have a doctor's certificate, you can get an extended period of time to make up for the missed classes, or get 50% of the tuition refunded for the classes that you will be missing. Email your doctor's certificate to info@novapole.se and we will help you! 💎

Check that your email is correct

You will get a confirmation email, digital key, invoice/receipt and information about the courses to the email address that you enter when you make a reservation in our booking system Agendo. Make sure that the address is correct! If you choose to create you account in sync with Facebook, the synced email will be the same email that you have registered on Facebook. If you want to change that, you can do so by changing the address in Facebook, log out and then back in again and it will get updated in Agendo.🐬

Personal information

The information that you submit to our booking system Agendo (name, address, ID-number, phone number, email address and profile picture from Facebook if you have linked your account) will be saved in the system for two years after your last active course. In order for us to improve and update the class curriculum in the best possible way, we also save information about your previous courses and attended classes. If you would like to see the information or have it removed, send us an email to info@novapole.se.


Similar to our courses, you have 14 days to change your mind after booking an event! After 14 days, the booking is binding but you can change your booking to another day when the studio is available. Contact us at info@novapole.se and we will help you change the reservation!