Levels and Concept Classes

Pole 1

At our first level, we work with the foundation techniques of pole and basic spins. No prior experience needed!

Pole 2

On this level we explore lots of fun new tricks while we continue to work with challenges and favorites from Pole 1! You will learn tricks such as Prephang, Invert to pole and combinations from Climb!

Pole 3

On this level we work on tricks such as Invert (with straddle), Gemini (outside leg hang), Cross knee release, and Hero! 

Pole 4

On this level we work on tricks such as Invert to leg hangs, Scorpio (inside leg hang), Butterfly, Superman and Shelf!

Pole 5

On this level we work on Inverts to longer combos and tricks such as Air Invert, Jamilla, Shouldermount, Banana Mount, and Extended Butterfly!

Pole 6

On this level we work with Handspring and Shouldermount deadlift, and the technique and conditioning for longer combos on both spinny and static pole!


Want to work on your flexibility? You've come to right place! The main goal in our flexibility classes is to take care of our bodies and to soften them in a controlled manner with the help of various exercises and stretch flow. Our stretch concept is developed to help you grow as a dancer but also to keep your body supple and mobile through life! 🧘‍♀️ This class is suitable for all, regardless of previous training level!


Beautiful lines, powerful poses, strength, body control and tooons of feeling! These are some of the things that make it easy to fall in love with chairdance. ❤️ Using the chair as a tool, we will work with different combinations and choreography to create pure magic. You will never be able to see a chair as just something to sit on again - the possibilities are endless once you have opened the door to the enchanting world of chairdance. If you're already hooked onto pole or hoop then this is guaranteed something for you! 🪑 We have classes for all levels!

Power Hour

Welcome to the world's most wonderful strength workout! In a 60 minutes class in the stretch room, we will go through various theory and exercises, but above all we will sweat and become stronger together! Get ready for loads of pep and energy, and together we can do things we never thought were possible! ⭐️💪 This class is suitable for all, regardless of previous training level!

Acro Hour

Put your hands up for Acro Hour! 🙌 Here we will have a full focus on handstand, headstand, bridge, and cartwheel! We will work with strength, technique, agility and body control to develop our acrobatic skills. Get ready for tons of pep and new challenges, let's go! 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️ This class is suitable for all, regardless of previous training level!

Head Over Heels

Time for attitude, beautiful lines, and hiiiiiigh heels! 👠 In this class we will work with heels technique in pole dance. We will work with combinations and choreography of different styles, bring forward loads of feeling, attitude and together explore the details to create cool effects and beautiful lines. 🔥 We have classes for all levels!


In this class we have a full focus on spinny! You will learn technique and combinations that will take your spinny skills to the next level, with inspiring tricks and flow combinations! 💫


During our playsessions you can train on your own with other students! Read more about Play here!